Church of Our Earth

The Microdosing Church

Church of our Earth
Church of Our Earth is a free psychedelic church that believes microdosing puts us in touch with God by whatever name you call it. We believe that microdosing reveals to us the divine and so our use of microdosing products is a protected part of our religion. Once you join our Church, we can provide you with psilocybin microdoses. And we can set up a spiritual and mental microdosing program that works for you.

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Statement of Faith

“We believe that Sacred Mushrooms are a primary source of personal and divine revelation. We seek counsel from the mushroom, to find direction and inspiration in our faith practice. And we believe that all individuals who seek true revelation from the divine can similarly do so.”


Our mission

Church of Our Earth focuses on microdosing with plant entheogens for spiritual health and healing. We sincerely believe that small, sub-perceptual amounts of psychedelics taken reverentially and with intention are a Communion that brings us closer to what is commonly called God. On occasion, Church Ministers with training as Death Doulas may lead private ceremonial macrodosing sessions for those Church Members with End-of-Life diagnoses.

All Church of Our Earth Members agree they will reverently and with intention take their microdose. Church of Our Earth Members also promise to be receptive to contact with and guidance from Higher Powers while microdosing. Finally, Church of Our Earth Members are bound not to redistribute or otherwise share their Sacramental microdoses.

Church of our Earth

Church of Our Earth is a small faith-based religious organization in southern Maine. Our members range in age from their 20s to 70s and believe that  microdosing with psilocybin-containing mushrooms is a Communion that brings us closer to what is commonly called God. Our goal is to create a supportive nationwide community of microdosers, interwoven like mycelium. We provide free and subsidized microdosing support to Mainers who qualify. Please consider supporting our mission. Church of Our Earth is grounded, nature-centered and non-dogmatic.