Healing through plant entheogens

Church of Our Earth

Our mission

Church of Our Earth focuses on microdosing with plant entheogens for spiritual health. We sincerely believe that small, sub-perceptual amounts of psychedelics taken reverentially and with intention is a Communion, which brings us closer to what is commonly called God. On occasion, Church Ministers with training as End-of-Life or Death Doulas may lead private ceremonial macrodosing sessions for those Church Members with End-of-Life diagnoses.

Our faith in sacred mushrooms stems from pre-historical use by our ancestors and personal experiences of our modern Church Members. It is our sincere belief that psilocybin-containing mushrooms are one of the greatest Sacraments that Nature offers, raising our awareness so that we can access a direct connection to our Higher Powers.

Statement of Faith:

We believe Sacred Psilocybin containing Mushrooms are Sacrament and a primary source of personal and Divine revelation. We believe that Sacrament allows us the ability to connect to God and all our higher powers and guides.

We seek counsel from Sacrament, to find direction and inspiration in our faith practice. And we believe that all individuals who seek true revelation from the Divine can similarly do so.


While there are no specific teachers or prophets, Church of Our Earth believes that natural entheogens can facilitate and serve as both teacher and prophet to those who engage in their sacramental use.

Church of Our Earth believes that the use of plant entheogens can assist all humanity to heal.

Church of Our Earth Founder

In 2020, Donna Gareis began providing microdosing support for a family member with an addiction. At that time, she also began using sacred mushrooms in an attempt to get off of SSRI drugs. As news of her mission grew, she began to support other family members and friends. And then a most unexpected thing occurred. God showed up.

The more she microdosed, the stronger her relationship with God became. She came to realize that God was always with her and loved her completely. And this didn’t just happen to her; those folks for whom she was providing microdosing support were also finding their Higher Powers, be they called God, Nature, Mother Earth, Source, Spirit, or other names. In 2022, Donna was called to found Church of Our Earth and create a faith-based community centered around microdosing. She is a mother of five, ordained non-denominational minister, and former corporate lawyer, as well as a fledgling Death Doula and herbalist.

Donna received her bachelor of science from Georgetown University, with a major in Psychology and minor in Biology. She is also a graduate of Temple University’s Beasley School of Law where she served as Editor in Chief of the Environmental Law and Technology Journal.

Donna, Church of Our Earth