Happy Birthday Church of Our Earth!

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Church of Our Earth, Mushrooms Birthday
Happy Birthday Church of Our Earth!

Church of Our Earth turns one!

Thank you for being a part of our journey and supporting Church Of Our Earth in our first year! Our mission is to share the ancient wisdom that Microdosing Psilocybin holds for individuals to discover their spiritual home and connect with higher powers of their choosing.



A note from our founder, Donna Gareis:

Before I started my journey with this powerful medicine many years ago I had lived many lives through working in the music industry, being a corporate lawyer, teaching yoga, and becoming an herbalist who consults with medical doctors, but the best thing I’ve ever done is be a mom. While my biological children mean the most to me, psilocybin reminds me that I’m a mother figure to the land I live on. In the 90’s, you would find me working on complex Chapter 11 bankruptcies and having lunch with politicians. These days my daily life centers around chickens, and ducks, working in my garden, making medicine, co-creating ceremonies, and helping people heal. 
In 2020, I started growing Psilocybe cubensis to help a family member with an addiction. I knew that medical studies performed in the 1960s on over 500 patients showed that one dose of the hallucinogenic drug LSD could help alcoholics give up drinking and I hypothesized that using psychedelic mushrooms might be equally effective. I also planned to use psilocybin myself, in an effort to decrease the number of pharmaceutical drugs I was taking, a plan my doctor supported. When I confided to a healer friend what I was doing, he asked if I would consider providing microdosing support to some of his patients – especially those with refractory conditions. I agreed and within a couple of years was taking referrals from doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and many other healthcare professionals in Maine.
I founded the Church of Our Earth in 2022 after experiencing what can only be termed a calling –  a demand from our most amazing and benevolent Universe that I restore this magical plant medicine to the people. I use the word restore because all of our ancestors used psychedelics – microdosing today connects us to the collective past. Entheogenic plants were used for a variety of reasons, but especially for connecting with our spirit guides, gods, and life’s purpose. I experienced this connection to myself through microdosing. And while working for several years as a psilocybin caregiver, I witnessed client after client coming to a place they would call spiritual home. In addition to this spiritual growth, microdosing with psilocybin clearly also provided physical and mental benefits to all of them.
Church of Our Earth

Our Mission

Church of Our Earth focuses on microdosing with plant entheogens for spiritual health. We sincerely believe that small, sub-perceptual amounts of psychedelics taken reverentially and with intention is a Communion, which brings us closer to what is commonly called God. On occasion, Church Ministers with training as End-of-Life or Death Doulas may lead private ceremonial macrodosing sessions for those Church Members with End-of-Life diagnoses or in End-of-Life transitions.

All Church of Our Earth Members agree they will reverently and with intention take their microdose. Church of Our Earth Members also promise to be receptive to contact with and guidance from Higher Powers while microdosing. Finally, Church of Our Earth Members are bound not to redistribute or otherwise share their Sacramental microdoses.